If you're looking for an Attractive, Sleek, and Affordable POS Solution, then look no further!

POS Lavu is an Innovative & Revolutionary Point of Sale Solution that combines the use of Cloud-Computing, Wireless Technologies & an Intuitive Interface to provide you with the easiest, most powerful POS System available today!

Free yourself of the restrictions, cumbersome equipment and burdensome expenses of conventional POS Systems, and step into the future of Point of Sale Solutions.

With the ability to manage, track, update & sync all devices using Real-Time Cloud-Computing technology, you can run your business more efficiently at the office, or from anywhere in the world with internet access! Login to the backend of the system, and you can immediately alter the pricing of your menu, or a menu item. You can even see who is clocked-in/out, or track up-to-the-minute sales!

Amaze your customers as servers approach tables taking their order using their iPad or iPod Touch, and wirelessly transmitting the order to the Kitchen and Bar right before their eyes! Servers will no longer have to walk back and forth, or fight with co-workers over the use of a cabinet stationed POS System.

POS Lavu increases server & staff efficiency by prompting for modifiers on items such as meat temperatures, toppings, and more…

POS Lavu is capable of supporting National Restaurant Chains, as well as Mobile Food Trucks, Night Clubs, Coffee Shops, Large Restaurants, Fine Dining, and Deli's!

If you are interested in learning more about POS Lavu, or would like a free consultation and demo, contact ProTouch Solutions Toll-Free at (866) PTS-TECH or (212) 787-6247. You can also email us at Info@ProTouchSolutions.com.
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